Pokemon's GM application

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Pokemon's GM application

Post by gogooma95 on Sun Jul 17, 2011 1:44 pm

General Information
In game name: Pokemon
Age: 17
Location: California, Los Angeles
Time Zone: pacific time
Contact information: you can contact me via hotmail/msn.< dldnlals@hotmail.com >

heheh rainbow

1.why am i applying for GM?
a) well, i used to be a GM in kissms v. 55. In addition, instead of those big pms servers, i want to help out this server because im able to play pms almost 3~5hrs on Mon. ~ Thurs. and play 6~10hrs Friday ~ sunday. Moreover, i like helping out others and i want the other players to enjoy the game. Im an out-going senior student who knows what to do when asked.

2.what interests me most about being a GM?
a) Well, helping others and being a leader makes me want to play more and more, which interests me to be a GM.

3.how would you seek to improve the server as GM?
a) since im an out-going student in real life, i will increase the capacity of the online players by telling them to play. In addition, i will vote every 12hrs and try to make this server get into the top 50s and top 10s

4.do you see yourself filling an important role as a GM staff?
a) well, i actuallly dont know unless i become a GM. I read the rules and all of the followings. Also, the GMs in this server are already so great but i want to be part of them.

5.Have you ever had any past experiences as a Gm?
a) i was a GM in kissms about 2 ~ 3 years ago, but i dont know a way to prove that i was a GM:D well i recieved a Gm commands via my mail and i was able to do everything. (of course followed the policy)

6.how long are you be on this server daily?
a) about 4hrs minimum and 10hrs maximum

7.How long will you be on the forums daily?
a) ill be on forums when im on pandams =D <--- (not dick its a happy face)

8.what would you say your best qualities are?
a) im an Out - going student and i am the student body president at Vannuys Highschool.

9.are you a team player?
a) of course !!! kk

10.do you share any accounts?
a) nope, i dont like giving people my personal information such as maple acc, bank acc, etc

11.can you code?
a) sorry, i dont know how to.

12.what would you do if you werent accpeted?
a) well, honestly ill be abashed and be a bit angered. BUT since i like this server ill just keep playing as a player and try out next time (the reason why i like this server is that this server has no lagg, great people including GMs, the people playing this ms is helpful, and the currency of this pms tempts people to player more and MORE ~
extra information: ill love to help out and wont mess up this server. Ill vote and try my best.

Thank you Andy and other Gm staffs for looking at my application

Lee Matthew


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